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Friday, May 2, 2014

Butchart Gardens Part 2 - The Rose Garden

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Welcome back to my tour of The Butchart Gardens.  The post is titled the Rose Garden, which is where we will eventually end up, but first we need to go through some truly magnificent pathways as we traverse the concert lawn and the fireworks lawn.  These lawns are used for all sort of festivities that are held periodically in the gardens.  

The Concert and Fireworks Lawns

As we head straight from the Sunken Garden we first arrive at the concert lawn.  Numerous concerts are held here in Summer from 1st July till the Canadian Labour Day.  In Winter, Christmas festivities are also prominent here. 

Totem Poles split the lawns in two separating the distinct areas.  These two creations were added to the gardens to mark the 100th anniversary.

Butchart Gardens Totem Poles
Butchart Gardens Totem Poles

Butchart Gardens Totem Poles
Butchart Gardens Totem Poles

As we walk past the totem poles we come to the fireworks lawn.  As the name suggests, this is a place for fireworks.  Firework shows have started here in 1977, and have been a Summer staple ever since. Nowadays shows are even more spectacular with light shows choreographed to music.

Butchart Gardens Fireworks Lawn
The Fireworks Lawn
In Between

As we walk around the concert and fireworks lawns there are some truly beautiful passages that lead on to the Rose Garden.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Butchart Gardens Wind Chimes

Butchart Gardens Wind Chime

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens Sequoia Tree
Plaque Reads: Coast Redwood Sequoia Sempervirens - Planted 1934

The Rose Garden

Here we are at the rose garden.  The scent can be smelled before you get to the actual spot.  The rose garden is simply a circular lawn surrounded by rose bushes of all species and colors.  It is a small garden but it is a sight not to be missed, or smelled!

Butchart Gardens Rose Garden
The circular rose garden

Butchart Garden Roses
Some Beautiful Blooms

Butchart Gardens Rose Garden
Love the color of this rose

Butchart Gardens Rose Garden
Butchart Gardens Rose Garden Well
As we come round full circle, another passage takes us along a path that veers to the right.  A glorious fountain appears.  The Sturgeon Fountain.  (Guess what's in the middle!).  

Butchart Gardens Sturgeon Fountain
The Sturgeon Fountain

This fountain takes us to the gateway of another magnificent garden, the Japanese Garden.  That is another post however.  I hope you enjoyed this part of the trip, and will join me next time as we visit some more beautiful scenery at Butchart Gardens.

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  1. I love a beautiful rose garden! This one has a lot of character, and the passages that one takes to get there makes it even more special. I would like to be there for the fireworks!