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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Succulents - Repotting the Kalanchoe

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Today is the day I decided to repot the Kalanchoe.  I have been meaning to do it since I noticed it was getting really tall.  Finally it toppled over and I knew the time had come.  It has to move to a bigger pot even though the timing couldn't be worse for it.

The rule of thumb is to repot to one pot size bigger than the current pot but due to the growth rate of this plant (it currently stands at 3 feet tall) I decided to go a few sizes bigger and I got a 25cm pot.

Kalanchoe in original pot
I filled up the pot half way up with compost and pressed it down slightly to keep it airy but firm at the same time.

25cm pot filled with compost

I gently took out the plant out of its current pot.  The soil was dry enough so it came right out without any effort.  I then made a small hole in the middle of the compost heap and placed the plant into it soil and all. Holding it upright with one hand, I filled up the surrounding areas with compost pressing down gently to keep the compost firm.

Place the plant in the middle of the pot

When filling the pot I made sure to keep enough room so that the top of the soil where the stem comes out is still inside the pot.  That way I can surround the plant with compost and not just go around the existing soil.

Plant repotted

Once the pot was completely filled with compost I pressed down a bit so that the compost does not fall apart when watering.  I finally watered the plant thoroughly.

Drench plant in water to get a good soak

And there you are.  My plant has been repotted.  I did not press the compost hard enough and the compost sort of caved in because there was too much air inside.  I will add some more compost and adjust it when it dries.  

I did this after the sun came down so the pictures are not too great but had I done it in full sun the water would have evaporated leaving little for the plant.  This way it has all night to adjust to its new home.  Now I have a more stable and hopefully happier plant :)  


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