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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wild Fennel and a Trip To The Country

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Today I want to share with you some country views.  This time it's Mtahleb, Malta.  I think this place has some of the nicest views on the island.  It is not easily accessible and there is no public transport that goes down there I believe, so not many tourists make it there.  It has some lovely trails and great scenery though, especially in Spring.

Maltese countryside
Mtahleb Views

Maltese Countryside
Mtahleb hills

Maltese Countryside
The hills, the trails and the sea
As we were walking along the trail I could not help noticing a plant that was predominant.  I later found out that it is wild fennel.  Once you know what it is, the smell is instantly recognizable.  The plant in not edible apparently but the flowers are really beautiful.

Wild Fennel
Wild Fennel plants

Wild Fennel Flowers
Fennel Flowers
If you are on this part of the island, or know any locals who can take you, please visit this place.  It is quite lovely.  Just make sure you keep out of farmland and away from pesky farm dogs!


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