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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Green Patches Fundraiser - Planting Trees in The Park

Over the Christmas period I have started my very first fundraiser.  It was on a November afternoon as I was catching up with group posts on our Green Patches Facebook group that someone mentioned sponsoring trees with the 34U Campaign. We had just had some violent storms and many trees were uprooted or destroyed.  The idea was to donate EUR 1 each to sponsor some trees as a replacement.

Maybe it was because Christmas was coming, and I was feeling particularly generous, but I decided to take on the challenge, and organize a fundraiser.  After some searching online I found a good website, and after a few clicks it was online and official.

green patches campaign

I was prepared for the waiting game, thinking that it will take forever for people to make the first payment, luckily that was short lived.  Money started coming in almost immediately, and I was so relieved.  The fundraiser lasted till the end of January and we collected enough money to sponsor 23 trees.

We decided to plant the trees in two children's parks around the island. Aleppo Pine Trees and Juda's Trees were chosen for us, both indigenous to Malta.  Unfortunately the 34U Campaign only operate during the week, and almost none of the people who donated money could make it on the day of the planting.  We met the gardeners, planted the trees, posed for some pictures, and in a couple of hours it was over.

Green Patches Tree Planting
That's me planting a Juda's tree

Green Patches Tree Planting
The Group at MScala Family Park

Green Patches Plaque
Green Patches Plaque

The people from the 34U Campaign were very efficient, and it was also thanks to their brilliant staff that everything went like clockwork.  

I was very pleased that we did this, not only did we leave a legacy behind for our children, but the parks are now a little bit nicer thanks to the people of Green Patches!


  1. I would have loved to participate.

  2. How good to see that you are flourishing.
    And sad to lose trees.