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Monday, October 3, 2011

Kalanchoe Marmorata (Penwiper Plant)

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kalanchoe marmorata penwiper
Kalanchoe Marmorata

The latest addition to my succulents is the Kalanchoe Marmorata, also known as the Penwiper Plant.  Here is some general information about this succulent which I collected. 

This plant is a perennial and can be propagated from seed or cuttings in Spring or Summer, since it's the beginning of October now I hope it will stabilise.  This plant enjoys full sun to partial shade so I am not too sure how well it will do in my yard.  It does get alot of light however.  It can grow up to 6 inches tall, which is just about the height of this cutting.  This kalanchoe will bloom white flowers in Spring, over 5cm in spread. 

I got the cutting yesterday from a much bigger plant and placed it in a pot of compost about 4 inches deep.  There is some leaf damage, possibly due to too much sun or too little water.  The spot I chose for it does not get alot of direct sunlight and there is good airflow so in time it should recover.  I may also have placed the plant in too big a pot however I would like this one to spread, it's got such lovely foliage. We don't get any frost here so it should be ok if left outside during the winter months.

I didn't find alot of information about watering needs, other than the fact that it's a succulent so water alot in summer but a little in winter.  All in all this plant should make a nice addition to what I am now calling my succulent shelf.

succulent shelf
My succulent shelf


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