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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kalanchoe Marmorata New Growth Amidst the Damage

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This year my little green patch took quite a beating following a succession of hail storms.  The majority of plants are succulents, with large fleshy leaves that got badly damaged where the hail stones hit.  The Kalanchoe Marmorata was no exception.  Although the leaves were less damaged than my other Kalanchoe, whose leaves are more tender and fragile.  

The flowers quickly withered away after the storm, and I had almost written it off completely, thinking it was an annual and was done for after flowering, but this month I got a pleasant surprise.  

Kalanchoe Marmorata, Hail Damage
Kalanchoe Marmorata New Growth for Spring

Kalanchoe Marmorata, Hail Damage
Kalanchoe Marmorata with lightly speckled new leaves

The first image features the withered flowers at the tips of the plant, I have now cut these off.  The new leaves are growing in the midst of the damaged leaves.  They are still young and only slightly speckled.  This is a very good sign however.  

My problem now is the way the plant is growing, completely bent over to one side.  I have tied the string further up along the stem, to provide more support for the plant, but I fear as the leaves grow bigger it will need more support on top.  The pot is more than big enough for the plant but I may have to repot it, and place it towards the far edge of the pot, if the roots permit.  Alternatively I may have to place it in a different container.

I have not yet watered this plant since last Autumn.  We got enough rain to supply it with nutrients all Winter, and the soil is still moist.  I will need to monitor the plant now, as it starts growing it will need some frequent watering, or so I think.  I haven't given it any fertiliser, and it may need some over the Summer as now I can only give it tap water, which is not the best choice of water.  It's going to be an exciting couple of months watching this plant grow and seeing how it handles its first Summer.


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