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Monday, May 7, 2012

Flowers In The Wilderness

This weekend we spent a couple of days camping in the Maltese countryside.  Here are some pictures of wild flowers that we came across.

Caper Plant, Malta
Capers growing in the wild

Caper Plant, Flower, Malta
The lovely caper flower (Capparis Spinosa)

Convonvulus, Malta
These flowers were infested with red mites

Iris, Malta
Lovely Iris - Apparently very good for your cough


  1. Bit disconcerted, there are no dates on your posts. No idea what month or year you are writing about, and how to fit the posts together, before, or after.

    Also, I have skimmed your posts and I presume you are in Malta. Would be nice to have a little geography in your About, or an 'about me and my garden' post. Gardening is so tied to geography and time of year ;~)

  2. Hi Diana,

    yes I am in fact from Malta, thanks for the heads up, I will add the archive :)

  3. Wow, I've never seen a caper plant before, those flowers are beautiful! Can you grow them in pots? Perhaps you could bring some of the countryside to your container garden. Thanks for faving my blog!

  4. beautiful flowers... and I love capers, yumm!!
    the little iris is too cute!