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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Supporting The Kalanchoe Marmorata

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This week I looked out at the succulent shelf I have in my yard and to my surprise (and horror), I found that the Kalanchoe Marmorata had almost completely fallen to one side.  Had it not been for the other pots on the shelf, I think it would have fallen over completely.  The plant has decided to branch sideways and what was a little cutting a few months ago has now become an oversized and heavy stalk.

Kalanchoe Marmorata
Marmorata May 2012

The problem is that the pot does not seem to be too big for it but I need to find a solution for this plant if it is to keep growing.  As you can see from the picture below, there are roots coming out of the underside of the stalk.  I think this plant was meant to go into a larger patch of soil and 'trail' on the ground, spreading roots as it branches sideways, and producing another stalk of its own.

Kalanchoe Marmorata
Marmorata New Roots

Unfortunately I placed it in a container, so there isn't much chance of that happening.  For the time being, I need to add more support for this plant.  As a quick measure, I removed the bamboo stick that was meant to be supporting it from the front of the plant, and placed it at the back.  The effect of this is that it is pulling it backwards preventing it from toppling over.

Kalanchoe Marmorata
Here is the stick at the front of the plant

Kalanchoe Marmorata
Here is the stick at the back pulling it up

As you can see from the first picture I also have a little baby Marmorata growing right next to the main stalk.  As usual, I think I have underestimated this plant big time.  The plant is going to stay in its place until I figure out a better living situation for it.  I would hate to give it away, because it's a beautiful plant.


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