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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Tale Of Two Kalanchoes

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Mummy Kalanchoe

Ten days ago I decided to try to propagate my Kalanchoe Marmorata because it was spreading all over the place.  I now have two Kalanchoes and my visit this afternoon resulted in quite a few surprises.

kalanchoe marmorata
New Stems A Sprouting

kalanchoe marmorata stem
New Stems A Sprouting

I'm calling this one the Mummy Kalanchoe since it was the main plant that I cut the stem from, and it looks like the pruning has done it well.  I have a new plant sprouting from the base of the stem, and another stem sprouting from the bit of the stem that I cut off.  It is looking very promising, but it is also looking like the new stems are growing in opposite directions, meaning that I may have to take more cuttings from this one.  They will make lovely gifts :)

I wonder if the new growth at the bottom will now resemble what the Kalanchoe is supposed to look like.  I am still amazed at the way this plant has grown, it's hard to believe that the original plant looks like this:

kalanchoe marmorata
Grandma Kalanchoe, where I got the first cutting from

Baby Kalanchoe

The stem that I cut off is now fully speckled, as you would expect from this plant.  I am still unsure about this one.  The leaves look like they have grown 'old' overnight, wrinkle to the touch, but it still seems to be ok.  This one cutting will determine what I do with any future cuttings from Mummy Kalanchoe.  I hope that it survives and thrives.  The timing for propagation was good, it is suggested that you do this late Spring early Summer.  I guess only time will tell.

kalanchoe marmorata
Baby Kalanchoe fully speckled

kalanchoe marmorata
Baby Kalanchoe with some burnt edges

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