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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kalanchoe Summer Bloomer

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post.  We're having such a busy month this month we are hardly spending any time at home let alone in my yard looking at my plants.  It's just one of those crazy times we all go through I guess from time to time.  This morning as I rushed out to water my rather neglected plants I had a lovely surprise.  My little Kalanchoe ( I don't know the actual name) is almost in bloom :)

The Kalanchoe has grown quite long in a couple of months

Three lovely buds
I took these pictures with my mobile phone at six o'clock this morning, so they are not exactly first class.  This plant has been relatively quiet all year growing little by little.  Now, however, it suddenly had a growth spurge, and has grown very long in just a couple of months.  Like the rest of the Kalanchoes I don't water this one very often, and it doesn't seem to require that much either.  It takes a long time for the soil to dry so I pretty much leave it alone.  The soil is very well drained, a bit too much I think, because when I water it, the water just goes straight out of the pot to the ground.  It doesn't seem to mind that though.  

I am very excited to see what the flowers will look like.  This is the first Kalanchoe to make flowers in Summer, the other two flowered in Winter.  It's great that despite coming from the same family (of a few thousand different species) they have such great differences.  


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Malta is one of those places if always wanted to visit but not got around to yet.

  2. The flowers are pretty. Mine has orange flowers.

  3. I had some winter flowering kolanchoes. They were beautiful when I bought them, full of blooms, and they bloomed a long time, but I was never able to make them bloom again! Congratulations on our new buds!

  4. Though my climate is much different than yours, I have decided to grow my vegetables in containers on the back deck rather than fight the critters in my garden. Your blog is a source of inspiration.