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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Plumbago - Winter in a sunny place

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Plumbago Auriculata
Plumbago - Nice growth in a sunny place

In November I saw the Plumbago was not doing so well.  The plant was looking rather weak and the foliage was sort of drooping down.  I decided it was not getting enough sun so I transferred it to a sunny place.

This was a good decision because it got about 6 hours of sunshine a day when the weather permitted and flowered all throughout the winter.  I was careful to shelter it from the wind as it can get very windy here and it can damage the plant.  I was worried that the rain will also damage the leaves and flowers as they are very delicate so again I thought of sheltering it a bit from the rain as well.

The foliage increased greatly and with the added hours of sunlight I got quite alot of flowers in winter.  This confirms that the shady spot I put it earlier this year was not doing anything for the plant in terms of flowers. 

Plumbago Auriculata, flowers
Plumbago flowers


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