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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Schefflera - An Introduction

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schefflera arboricola
Schefflera - September 2010

Light: Indoors in a sunny location but not in direct sunlight

Moisture: Water when the soil is dry at least 2 inches deep. Do not allow pot to sit in the access, give it one hour and then remove, as it may lead to root rot. Black leaves mean too much water, yellow leaves mean too little water.

Pests: Black spots under the leaves or in the stems is an indication of spider mites. The leaves will begin to turn yellow, then brown. There may also be wedding under the leaves or when the leaves meet the stem. Control with organic pesticide.

Care: Fertilise the plant once a month with normal houseplant fertiliser. In summer the plant can be set outside in a shady location, best to be brought in during the winter, the plant will go dormant and the growth will slow. If the plant is left without water and cold it may start losing its leaves, re-position plant and water.


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