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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Succulents - My latest additions

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Succulents Container
Succulents badly planted

More succulents and Cactii
This summer I got myself some succulents.  They are the easiest plants to grow, just leave them there and when the soil dries out water them.  How easy can it get ?  I have no idea what each of them are called so I will have to do some research on all of them and perhaps dedicate a page for each but for the time being I just grouped them together under one name. 

As you can see I placed them on a shelf in the shade.  They get some morning sun for a couple of hours but then it's mostly shade.  I read however that most succulents are able to thrive in the shade and actually some do not require full sunlight all day.  This is ideal for my yard however since I don't yet know what they are I need to monitor them to see how fast they are drinking water and their growth rate.

My biggest grower by far is the second plant in the second picture.  It is growing taller than I can manage.  It must have doubled it's height in the month that I had it and I believe I will have to find a new pot for it soon or I risk it toppling over!  I have sent a picture of it to the nursery where I got it from in the hope that they can tell me what it is because it was unnamed when I got it and they just told me it's another succulent. (Very helpful of them).

Update - since then my nursery told me that it's 'probably' a kalanchoe.  I have yet to find a similar image of this plant online but at least they narrowed my search from about 1600 species to 125, it's a start...

The picture below is a week after I first got it:

succulent, kalanchoe
Kalanchoe after one week

As you can see it has now grown considerably taller.  I looked for it online but I couldn't find an image for it anywhere.  I water it every other day and I have never given it any fertiliser.  I drinks alot though and it keeps on getting taller, it reminds be of the giant beanstalk in Jack and the Giant Beanstalk, who knows maybe it will just keep on growing...


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