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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Plumbago - Summer in a shady spot

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plumbago auriculata
Plumbago August 2011
The Plumbago has been doing exceptionally well in it's shady spot in Summer.  The growth in one year has been very good considering this is not the ideal place for the plant to live.  I'm begging to re-think my theories that this plant is not a fast grower.  I had flowers all summer and the foliage has increased considerably and is now a healthy green. 

I only water it when the soil is dry but I do give it some fertiliser every now and again.  I should do this more often because I notice an immediate growth surge and flowering after a fertiliser session.  I had to put sticks in to keep the plant in place because it was growing in every direction.

As we are now towards the end of September the plant is not flowering as much.  The next step is to give it a good trim because there are alot of dead stems in there.  I will also be putting the plant in a sunny place in winter just like I did last year, but only when I see that the plant is slowing down.

My concern over this plant is how to shape it.  I give it a light trim whenever it needs it.  I just trim off the dead flower stems but it seems to enjoy it and I always get alot of blooms afterwards.  The stems at the bottom are getting thicker now since I first bougth it so it's not easily put in place.  I would like to have a small bush and not let it go up a trellis because I don't have the space.  Will have to do some research.


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