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Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to tell the Penwiper has propagated successfully

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Kalanchoe Marmorata
Kalanchoe Marmorata Standing Tall

This past week I learnt how you can tell that a Penwiper has taken roots. 

When I first got the Marmorata stem and planted it, it was hortizontal looking down, it was just a 'lifeless' stem planted in a pot.  After just a week I noticed the plant has risen and is now looking up, as you can see from the bend in the photo.

I didn't expect this behaviour especially since we got alot of heavy rain this week and the soil is still wet from when I first planted it.  I noticed the leaves have also opened up more.  They were closed when I first got it except for the bottom two leaves.  Now it looks like the plant is standing on it's feet showing off :)

The plant is taking shape now and this is how it's supposed to look.  The leaves should open up more and only the top part should remain closed like this so hopefully in the next weeks I can see it flourish more.  This is a good sign that the plant is alive now and has taken well to its surroundings.


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