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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Effects of Hail on the Kalanchoe

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Today I have decided to prune the Kalanchoe, if that is at all possible.  All the leaves that were hit by the hail stones started to go a sickly black and slimy, so it was time to remove them completely to avoid disease.  I'm afraid if I left them there I would have killed the plant sooner or later.  Here's a picture of the damaged leaves today:

Kalanchoe, Hail Damage
Damaged leaves one week after the storm

Kalanchoe, Hail Damage
Leaves started falling off on their own so it was time they were removed

As you can see, they were just hanging there lifeless, so I decided to remove all the leaves that were too far gone.  I left the leaves that had only a few spots, and will be monitoring those in the next few days.  If I see the spots getting larger I will remove those too.

The leaves removed from the plant

Kalanchoe Leaf
Leaf damage

As you can see from the image of the damaged leaf above, the leaf itself does not appear to be too damaged, but the rotten part prevents any source of nutrients to getting to the plant or the leaf.  This caused me to remove more foliage than I wanted to, but better be safe than sorry.

On a positive note, I have exposed the centre of the plant now, and this will get more sunlight.  I have also discovered some growth in the centre, which looks promising.  Weather permitting, there is still hope that the plant will survive.

New Growth at the Centre


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