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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Succulents After a Hail Storm

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Well, this has certainly been an unusual winter so far.  Not only has it been freezing cold by our standards, but last week we had three hail storms in a row.  Hail storms are not unusual in this part of the world, we are surrounded by water, so it can never really snow.  When the temperatures drop we get hail, and lots of it.

Hail can cause considerable damage to succulent leaves, and sadly this what greeted me, when I went in my yard this morning.

succulents, hail damage
My Crassula got the least damage

Kalanchoe, hail damage
The lovely Kalanchoe Leaves

Kalanchoe, hail damage
The top leaves badly damaged

Kalanchoe Marmorata, Hail Damage
The Kalanchoe Marmorata

The problem with succulents is that the leaves are very persistent and can last a long time.  Hail damage is terrible for them because they do not recover.  My biggest worry is the big Kalanchoe because the top leaves are just about dropping off now.  The damage may cause fungal or bacterial infections and I need to remove the dead leaves as quickly as possible, or I run the risk of losing the plant.

On a better note, the Schefflera was not bothered by the hail at all.  The leaves are thinner and the plant was totally unaffected.  The Plumbago was also unaffected, it has lost all its foliage now for winter, and there are only a few twigs.  

It is still the middle of February, so I cannot rule out more bad weather.  I am hoping that the temperatures will go a bit higher though because I don't think the succulents can suffer another hail storm.  Fingers crossed.


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