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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plumbago Flowers Return for Spring

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First Blooms

For the third year, my yard is once again spotted with lovely purple flowers as the Plumbago returns for Spring.  I never tire to look at these flowers.  The plant is now growing nicely, it has already grown considerably since the pruning last Autumn.  After three years I am still not sure what to do with this plant.  

The stems seem to grow every which way, and so far I have simply cut them off.  I would love to try to train it to go up a trellis against the wall in my yard.  The wall is only one storey high, so it shouldn't be a big problem setting it up.  I wouldn't have a clue how to go about this though.  I suspect I would need to put it in a bigger pot for it to grow higher, or wider ...

The issue with this plant is that it needs more sunlight in the winter and the yard is not sufficient.  I couldn't move the plant if it's fixed to the wall.  The plant also sheds all its leaves in Winter, so not much to look at then.  In Spring and Summer though its lovely.  Who knows, I might even attract some butterflies from the garden next door :)


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