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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Portulaca - Looking Shabby and Overgrown

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portulaca grandiflora, trim
Portulaca - In need of a trim it seems

Here's the Portualaca after one month of purchase.  This plant is amazing, it just seems to grow and grow.  The flowers are just beautiful and it's a delight to wake up and see new flowers in the morning ready to open. 

portulaca grandiflora flower
Portulaca - hanging flower

portulaca grandiflora flowers
Portulaca flowers

My question now however is whether I should trim it or not.  I love the way the stems hang over the basket.  My concern is that I read somewhere that once they finished the blooms and become leggy the plant slowly becomes dormant and began to die. So, its important to take immediate cuttings and replant them just after they matured or at their prime. This happens when a single plant puts out 3 - 5 long stems.

So, is the plant it it's prime after just one month, is that possible?  Should I leave it and risk losing it or should I just try to cut a few stems to see what happens?  I don't know what to do yet.


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