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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kalanchoe Marmorata Flowers

kalanchoe marmorata flowers
Kalanchoe Marmorata Flower

Another lovely addition this Winter, almost on the same day both my Kalanchoes flowered.  I have read that Kalanchoes tend to flower in Winter and I was a bit sceptic, but I'm glad I was proved wrong.  I can't wait for the other three flowers to bloom.


  1. How is the weather in Malta in general? Can you grow something year round? Looks very exotic plants. Are they native of Malta?

  2. Hi KL,

    The weather is pretty mild in Winter and hot and dry in Summer. I believe the Kalanchoes are actually native in South Africa but all succulents tend to do very well here. Especially since temeratures never drop below 5 deg celcius. Thanks for stopping by :)