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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kalanchoe Marmorata in full bloom

kalanchoe marmorata flowers
Kalanchoe Marmorata Flowers

Finally the three flowers have bloomed, they are such beautiful flowers.  There is a fourth one but I didn't want to wait for it before taking the picture, the others might fade away before it catches up.

My garden is living in total neglect at the moment and it seems to be enjoying the lack of attention.  We've been having so much rain I am worried (as usual) that it's too much but the plants love the rain water. 

It's certainly better than the bottled water they get in summer.  I try not to use tap water because our water is very hard and has too much chlorine and fluoride here so at the nursery they told me it's actually bad for the plants.  I do use it occasionally though, using bottled water gets expensive.  In winter though I stop watering all together, it's such a relief for them.