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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Too cold to write

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Cold Weather

I've realized I haven't written anything in quite a while but quite honestly it's just too cold to write.   Well actually it's not literally too cold to write but I have totally neglected my dear plants for the refuge of my sofa and cosy bed. 

For most of you, especially in Europe these past two weeks, our measly 9 degrees is nothing compared to you but for us, who normally enjoy temperatures of around 15 degrees around this time of year it has been a shock to our system.  The wind chill in particular, a sub-zero temerature in Malta, that's unheard of.  Should I start worrying about frost ??

I have no choice but to let this weather pass and wait and see how my plants are going to react.  My plants are almost all native African plants so they are not really used to the cold.  Hoping for the best I will certainly give you an update on those that make it and those that don't.


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