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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Jade Plant, A Spring Surprise

Last October I got another cutting from my dad's garden.  I never mentioned it in this blog because I thought it was a gonner from the start.  I got a Jade plant.

I read that the Jade plant is very sensitive to its growing conditions and doesn't like to be moved about from condition to the next.  The plant was in full sun in my dad's garden so I thought it will certainly struggle in my shady yard.  

I placed it in a container on a window shelf in the living room where it got full sunlight all day long. Apparently the Jade plant will go into shock once moved, and needs some time to adjust to its new surroundings.  The original plan was to introduce it to the yard slowly, but once again I forgot about it completely.  I watered it rarely, only when I noticed it was as dry as a bone.   This is the plant when I first got it.

jade plant
Jade Plant October 2011

jade plant
Jade Plant May 2012

Today I got a good look at it and saw a completely different plant!  As you can see from the first picture, the full sun didn't treat this plant very well.  The leaves are yellowish in colour, and the tips are too red from the sun exposure.  The plant is now a lovely green colour with slight red edges and I couldn't help thinking was a  beautiful plant it is.  It has also grown quite a lot over the past few months but I didn't notice this until today.

As always, it was once again parched so I took it out of the plastic container I placed underneath it and gave it a good watering.  This is what I found!

jade plant root bound
Jade needs a new home

The plant has not only flourished, but completely outgrown its pot.  Next week I will head down to the garden shop to get a new container for this plant, but for now it will stay in its spot on the windowsill.  I will not put this plant in the yard, seeing its tremendous progress I think it's happy right where it is.  It just needs a bigger home.

jade plant


  1. That's really quite an impressive change. I have a couple of jade plants that could use such an improvement.

  2. Be happy, I know the Jade plant as 'Money plant', if it does good, so is your money situation, and yours sure looks GREAT ;-)

  3. Hi there, that's a good one, fingers crossed :)

  4. Hi there!!! Thank you for visiting GWGT and welcome to Blotanical. I have been away for a few weeks and did not get to stop in before today. I love Jade plant and had a large one for a very long time. One day it up and died for no real reason after twelve years. And yes, they do outgrow pots pretty fast!!!